Though all love originates in God and is for that reason God's own love, yet we are permitted to catch and reflect back that love in such manner that it becomes our love indeed, in much the same way that sunlight reflected from the moon becomes moonlight. - A.W. Tozer

Friday, July 31, 2015

Back on the Grid

We have arrived in Florida. Actually, we arrived three and half weeks ago, but as per usual, setting up the computer is not a priority for the man who gets to go to work every day and use a computer. Well, that's just my theory. We now have it, though, so I have no more excuses for any and all lack of communication.

Our trip down went very well, with only one minor incident. Here's a tip for all you would-be RVers: don't try to make a sharp turn on an incline. It isn't good for the back end of your fifth wheel.
Minus One Jack. Oops.

We stayed at an RV park in Little Rock, right on the Arkansas River and a bridge walk away from the Clinton Presidential Library. I can't say that the CPL was my top, A-1 location to visit, but it was actually a very nice area, and had some pretty awesome animatronic dinosaurs out front. Little Rock was especially nice because we got to have dinner with my cousin, her husband, and their very sweet little fellow.

Little T Meets Bubbles
We waited until this big guy stopped moving.
The next two nights were at State Parks, one in Alabama and one in Northern Florida. They were both gorgeous, but we were especially impressed with the Suwanee River State Park. There were beautiful walks leading past the river, a sunken limestone bed, and fresh springs. The kids insisted they needed to drink the spring water, so we let them...with Aaron's Lifestraw. OK, I know; I'm overprotective.

Aaron had to run into the picture, hence the goof.
Mim Tastes Spring Water
We arrived to a very hot and humid Florida, but the wonderful people have more than made up for the climate. We already have new friends, and a couple of them even have swimming pools, which is wonderful for a couple of kids who might as well be fish.

Biking the Blue Run - Hot, but Beautiful
Aaron is enjoying his work very much, and I'll write what I can about that in the future. He's doing some engineering-on-demand and also working on some exciting UAV projects. The idea is that these UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) will be able to get emergency supplies and other necessary items in to areas where an airplane is too slow a source of help, or unable to land in proximity. He's having a lot of fun, and isn't sure that it's fair to have a job where you are excited to go to work in the morning, and enjoy what you do.

God is blessing us with the patience to put up with the little things, which can become big things, as we all know. (i.e. Ants. There are a lot of ants) It's wonderful to know that we can serve him while doing what we love.