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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Visitors Make Us Happy

Walking at the Blue Run
We were excited to have family visit last week and tried to show them our favorite parts of Florida in a whirlwind tour.

My young nephew, "Blaze", got to taste honeysuckle, see a couple baby alligators and a racoon, walk much longer than any three-year-old could ever want, and eat two bites of a hamburger at a restaurant by the Rainbow River. Food is so boring, and there are always better things to do.

We went to I-TEC and visited Aaron, who is busy training some  missionaries with the UAV's. They did flight tests on a few new ones yesterday, and there were no crashes, which is always a big relief. Every crash teaches them something new about what works well and what shouldn't be replicated, but it's still hard to watch all that time and effort crash into a tree or, worse, get lost forever in the Cross-Florida Greenway.

After lunch we swam at the headsprings of the Rainbow River. The water there is a brisk 72 degrees year round, which means this Mama just watches from the dock while the kids do their imitations of polar seals. They have fun; I have fun. It's a win-win. Blaze enjoyed it, but the cold was finally too much, and his parents wisely pulled him out when his teeth were chattering too much to carry on a coherent conversation.

Look at the bottom center for the baby gator.
The moral of the story is: Come to central Florida! We have cool stuff to show you, and we like visitors!

Best water for goggles ever!

A bandit checks out his next mark.