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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Splish, Splash, Zoom!

We have a fun new project going at our house. It serves as science experiment, grocery investment, and possibly a way to help people in other places someday if we can get it all working well, and do a little experimentation.

Aaron has been interested in Aquaponics for a while now, and he has spent the spring finding and preparing his grow beds and fish tanks.

We don't have any tilapia yet, but will soon because we finally got some nitrates to show up last night in the water, which means the nutrient cycle is working just the way it's supposed to.

Our two grow beds are named Lydia and Lizzy. (Lydia is a little more persnickety and high maintenance. Jane Austen fans will get it.) They constantly fill and drain using the water from the tanks which contains lots of lovely fish...nutrients.

The water tanks are Legolas Gimli. (Yes, Gimli is the short one.) The Tilapia will be in the back porch in Legolas in an effort to keep the pesky raccoons from treating them like a freshwater buffet.

We've planted quite a variety of plants in the girls, and the warriors are currently protecting the Merry Minnows, but should have some Tilapia to guard soon.

Everything else is going about the same as ever. Aaron is working on the UAV's, getting the instructions and tutorials ready for the first training sessions and the day when they will finally get the planes out into field. The kids and I are schooling, living, cleaning and generally loving Florida, but missing loved ones. In the following picture, they are having Art Class with Ms. Mercy, one of our Grandma-away-from-Grandmas. They love it, and she does such a good job with them. Oh, and I get to use her computer/internet. Everyone's a winner. Except maybe Ms. Mercy, but she claims to enjoy it too.

We still don't have internet, but I...I will survive! (You have to imagine the tune for that last part.)