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Friday, January 23, 2015

Games and Chit Chat

Making friends with the volunteers has been one of the biggest rewards of our MDS experience. We've met so many interesting people, from all walks of life, and it has been a lot of fun to interact with them at meals, on weekends, and in the evenings. (A big thanks to Mim W. for sending me some of these pictures!)

Sometimes the kids are able to talk people into playing a game with them. This time it was Uno. These lovely ladies had just taught us to play Dutch Blitz as well, and they were so fast! They had to slow down a bit for us beginners, but sometimes forgot in the heat of competition. 

A family from PA brought their marble board last week, and we had a good time learning a new game. Here Aaron plays with two father/son teams and a pastor from another PA church.

Ms. Michelle (whose story is told previously) brought her grandkids over last week. Zaya and Mim were pretty excited to other children! They all played while Ms. Michelle told her story to a new group of volunteers and we discussed the day's work on the houses.

This week we had quite a few young volunteers, and the arm wrestling that began at the boys table spread. Here two young ladies hold out for quite a while, proving that girls are tougher than they look. I especially like how the guys in the back are getting a laugh out of the spectacle. They were too scared to challenge the ladies, though.

Ms. Wilma helped Zaya and Mim have their own little contest. I won't tell you how that one turned out. One of my children would be happy for it to be public knowledge, but the other would just as soon preserve his reputation.

 Everyone enjoyed visiting, and Ms. Wilma taught Zaya a few new riddles to use for stumping other volunteers and generally getting a big laugh.

On the weekends and during the work days we get a chance to visit with the other long term volunteers who stay here at the camp. Ms. Jo works in the office, and Mr. Sam helps his wife, Ms. Pat, and his sister-in-law, Ms. Rachel, in the kitchen. He also does handy man jobs around the site. Last week he helped Zaya and Mim put up the suet bird feeder Zaya got for Christmas. (He asked for it. It wasn't just some weird idea of mine.)
While we haven't actually seen any birds on it, (It's winter. It's cold.) we have high hopes, and keep a careful eye out the dining room window in the mornings and afternoons.

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