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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dashing Quickly Through a Winter Wonderland

We finally got snow here in Crisfield. I know that makes it sound like I really wanted it to come, and that's not the case. My children, however, were ecstatic. They've been watching the forecast like hawks, hoping for snow, and been disappointed countless times over the last few weeks. It's here now, though, and there's no denying it. When we stepped out of our RV this morning, it was to a good (?) nine inches of snow, but a very nice volunteer had already shoveled our walk, so getting into the bunkhouse for breakfast was a piece of cake- white, frosty cake.

Mim put bowls outside yesterday for the purpose of snow ice cream collection. We made a big batch this morning, and it's in the MDS freezer now, waiting for all the brave people who are willing to try it. (The kids have already had two bowls each.) For all you ice cream purists out there, no, I didn't use raw eggs. *shudder*

The kidlets finished all their school work this morning, (No, you don't get snow days in our school.) and then they went out to build forts and generally make each other cold and wet. It's still 23 degrees outside, after all.  Usually it goes something like this:  Zaya gets cold and wants to come inside, and Mim is annoyed because she's not done playing but absolutely hates playing all by herself...or doing anything all by herself, actually. That child is a people person! Today, though, Zaya outlasted her, thanks to some imaginary adventure that kept him occupied. Mim said she was getting hot. Whatever.

Luckily we had just enough clean clothes for them to change into something warmish when they were done. I really need to do laundry again. It's amazing how often you have to wash clothes when you pare your wardrobe down to the essentials, but live around people so you have to limit your re-use ratios.

The crews are all out working. In fact, Aaron's been working the last two days in a house with no heat at all because they don't even have all the drywall installed yet. Yesterday they put up siding in the frigid temps, but I'm hoping they're at least working inside today. Every time I start to feel whiny because of how cold I am, I think of him and all those girls (We have tons of girls this week, oddly enough.). They're so much tougher than I am. I just run back and forth to the RV for laundry or school supplies or to take a quick picture of the kids. Then I'm done.

Hope all my loved ones are staying warm and enjoying their own winter wonderlands. I have to say I'm looking forward to points south, where we hope to be by mid-March. I'm just a zone 9 flower in a zone 6 world.

Update: These are the girls that helped Mim and I get the pick-up unstuck after we got the mail today. Yes, I got the truck stuck in the snow making a simple turn. Luckily Mr. Ken and his lovely crew of ladies were working right down the street and could help us out. They've been mudding drywall today, in case you couldn't tell.


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