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Friday, April 17, 2015

One Whole Week at the Same Location!

When we got to central Florida, it felt like spring had finally arrived. The grass was green, the trees were green, and there were saw palmettos and southern live oaks in abundance. It was time to stop and take a breath. Spanish moss covered everything, and I do mean everything. We looked like tourists, staring up at the trees with our mouths open. (a dangerous pastime in any situation)

They don't kid around with their Spanish moss in Florida.
We spent an entire week at a little RV park in Silver Springs, which is essentially a suburb of Ocala, FL. They even had a swimming pool that was well-maintained and perfect for kids. Granted, ours were the only kids there, but they didn't really mind. We went to parks, climbed trees, swam with the local retirees and played shuffleboard and Bocce ball. I even went to the community Trivial Pursuit game one slow afternoon.

Southern live oaks are the best climbing trees!
While there, we also went to nearby Dunnellon, FL, to vist I-TEC or The Indigenous Peoples Technology and Education Center. It is an organization that uses technology and innovation to prepare the indigenous church to reach their own neighbors and others with the message of the gospel. It's a fascinating place, with a unique ministry, and I would encourage anyone who wants to know more to check out their webpage and watch some of their videos.  Steve Saint, (son of Nate Saint), started the organization, and he and his family continue to do great work there.

Rachel Saint's Chair
The Main Spring and Swimming Hole
After our tour of I-TEC we went to Rainbow Springs State Park. It was a lovely place to visit, and I would highly recommend it to other travelers through central Florida. The springs are impressive and beautiful, and there is year round swimming if you can handle water that is perpetually 72 degrees and crystal clear.

Goggles are Fun When the Water is Clear!

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