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Sunday, November 9, 2014

So Maybe "Beach" is a Stretch

There is a tiny little beach/park only a minute's walk from our site. The kids saw it on the very first day because we came a little too far and had to turn. Within an hour of our unhooking the trailer, they wanted to walk down and play in the water.

No, They Haven't Seen the Movie
Since I knew it would be one of the last warm days, we did, and we continued to visit the little beach almost every day for the next two weeks. They didn't swim again much, but they've built sand castles, explored, found every shell and broken crab piece, and generally been giddy children who aren't used to sand and water.

On nice days, I hide out at the top of the little pirate ship while the kids play. The sun shines right on the top deck and I can still see them trying relocate sand from the dune to the bay, and then back from the bay to the dune, which seems to be pretty much what they're doing, from my point of view, anyway.

Even though it's fairly close, I won't be letting them go down to the beach alone. There are often a few cars parked nearby, and although I'm sure the occupants are kind and friendly, I'm an overprotective mother, and that's not going to change.

As winter approaches, I'm sure we won't be heading down to our little beach as often, but so far they want to go down about once a day, even when it's cold. On those days we just ride out to "look at the water".

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