Though all love originates in God and is for that reason God's own love, yet we are permitted to catch and reflect back that love in such manner that it becomes our love indeed, in much the same way that sunlight reflected from the moon becomes moonlight. - A.W. Tozer

Friday, November 28, 2014

With Thankful Hearts and Bleached Sleeves

This Thanksgiving was very different for our family, but wonderful in its own way. There was no large family dinner and time spent with grandparents, aunts and uncles, but we did get to eat a special meal with the other volunteers and are probably even more thankful for our loved ones back home since we didn't get to see them today.

Aaron went out with his crew just like every day (although they should return a little early). Half of our group this week are Canadian, so this is just Thursday for them.  The groups that came this week knew they were coming over a holiday, but still wanted to do the work they planned for when they came.

The kids and I were able to spend some time with the visiting family of another long term couple. That means there were actually other children here! My two were very excited, even though there was a bit of an age gap. It certainly wasn't as big a difference as they've had with all their other companions over the last six weeks. There were Lego bricks on the floor, hide and seek in the bunk rooms, and video games in the RV.

So Many Legos to Lose, So Little Time
All the ladies decided to deep clean the kitchen, since our evening meal was provided by the Baptist church here in Crisfield (thank you, thank you!), so we spent a good part of the morning scrubbing and sweeping. The kitchen looks great, which makes for happy cooks, which makes, as we all know, for happy campers. Literally.
Yes, We Sanitized That Counter

But what I really want to say about today, and about life in general, is that I'm grateful - for so many things that I cannot list them all, but my Savior, my spouse, my children and my family, as always, have to top the list. We have food to eat, a warm RV, and work set before us, which is a blessing in itself.

Hope everyone else had a great day, and I think the take-away from this post is - I still haven't had to cook a Thanksgiving dinner, and I've been married for 14 years!! Is that success or what?!

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