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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

From a Distance

We are still living in the wilderness of no internet. AT&T tells me a different story every time I talk to them. It's become almost funny now. I should've kept a comprehensive list from the first conversation. I believe there is some light on the horizon, but it may be a falling star and not the rising sun. We shall see.

Aaron continues to enjoy his work at I-TEC. They have done several tests of their UAV's, watching them fly in circles around a field for an hour-and-a-half. It was encouraging if not riveting. Aaron and two other men will be heading to Ecuador in December for some jungle testing, which should be quite an experience for the Oklahoma farm boy who has never had a chance to use his passport.

We've had several family members visit over the last few weeks, some of them for a few days, and some for only a few hours. It's always great to talk with people who knew you when. We took them to the Rainbow river and sympathized with them as they dealt with the Florida humidity. We'd love to have more friends and family visit...hint, hint.

We also spent several days with the N's, a couple from Columbia who had been here for a month visiting with their new granddaughter. (The child of a couple who are doing flight training here at I-TEC) This couple do mission work with some tribes in the Amazon. They only spoke Spanish, so I had a real work-out, translating and trying to think in both languages without making a fool of myself in either one.

In short, I have much to be thankful for, so if you hear me griping about the lack of internet, put me in my place.

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