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Thursday, September 10, 2015

If There's a Wireless Grid, We're Still off It

We're still here, despite the enforced radio silence, (aargh! internet companies!) and Florida life is busy, but very rewarding. We've made lots of friends with the other workers and volunteers at I-TEC, in fact we've all started having weekly worship evenings together and hope to start a ladies Bible study and lads' night soon.

The kids and I are enjoying school and meeting other homeschoolers when possible. I say that the kids and I are enjoying school, but really I mean that I'm enjoying school, and the kids are tolerating it. I think that's about as much as you can expect for any child. I'm telling myself that anyway, so don't burst my bubble.

We've moved into a house that belongs to the I-TEC organization itself. They use this house for volunteer families so that their time here can feel like a real home. It's absolutely wonderful, and although I love our little RV, I have to say that moving back into an actual "sticks and bricks" home has been fantastic. I forgot how much I loved baths, and household appliances of my very own. We have our own washer and dryer for the first time in a year, and there's even a dishwasher!

Mim was so excited when she saw the dishwasher. You'd think she had done more than two loads of dishes in her life the way she squealed and jumped up and down. My reaction was much the same, but of course I have more dignity. (Don't ask Mim about her memory of that event. Ten-year-olds are notoriously untrustworthy.)

Aaron is working hard with the other fellows at I-TEC, testing, improving, and building the UAV's. They're looking forward to launching them in actual jungle conditions in Ecuador by the end of this year. This is the kind of job he was made for. He loves thinking of creative solutions for technical issues and procedures. I know, that's not my cup of tea either, but isn't it great that God designed us all differently? He's certainly going to have contributed more to the cause of justice with his mechanics than I will have with my current study of linguistics in the Third Reich.

A kind friend is allowing me to use her internet today, so this post has no pictures, I just wanted you all to know that I haven't forgotten the friends and family out there who keep up with our craziness, and as soon as AT&T decide they have an "open port" we'll jump back into the 21st century and the world of the world wide web.

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