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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Can I Have the Envelope Please...

This Monday we will officially head out to our first disaster-relief project. We will be working for the Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) in Crisfield, MD. Aaron will be helping to rebuild homes from Hurricane Sandy damage, and I will be working as an office manager and teaching my kids.

We're very excited about the upcoming weeks/months in Maryland, and spending these last few days soaking up family time and trying to get our new home ready for full-time living. We've got brand new curtains in the windows, courtesy of my awesome mother-in-law, and an original Thiessen Metal Buildings bike rack being installed on the back as of this afternoon. Those bikes are not going anywhere! The whole back side of the RV may fall off, but those bikes will still be attached to that bike rack.

I'll get pictures up as soon as possible. It's starting to come together. Now we just have to learn how to drive with it. That's right, that means two things. One - we bought a new pickup. I'll introduce you later. Two - We have never actually moved an RV. We're about to be hauling a fifth wheel to Maryland, and have never driven with one before.

These last few days are being filled with frantic attempts at pipe and valve repair, (Leak Count: 3) valiant if fruitless efforts at smell removal, and what may be the greatest tax on my organizational skills in my life. Frankly, I'll be perfectly happy if we can just find and fix all the water leaks and figure out why the whole kitchen area smells like the foulest feline den of iniquity.

The Enemy

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