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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Maryland or Bust

Off to a Stormy Start
The Mississippi River

I’ve finally found a place to connect my computer to the internet after a long week of sketchy connections and very little communication with the outside world. We love it here in Crisfield, and love our work with MDS thus far, but we have no phone service and no internet in our trailer.

See Fungus- Take Picture
We took eight days to get here, starting in western OK and winding our way across the country. Our first five days were supposed to be easy, if not to say leisurely. We planned to arrive at our destinations before dark, having plenty of time to settle in, figure out what we were doing with the RV connections, and perhaps take a walk.

Tunneling Under the Mountain

In actuality we didn’t get to any of the first five
locations before dark. At Cumberland Mountain State Park in Tennessee we had to back into a site that took at least 10 tries before we were successful due to the darkness, the curve of the road, and the ditches on either side. I’m sure glad our friends and family were sending out extra prayers along the way. We certainly felt it.

Daddy and Zaya Roast Potatoes
The scenery made all the long drives worth it. We were especially impressed with Tennessee. The Great Smoky Mountains were a big hit with the kids. (I can’t wait to take them to the Rockies someday.) The trees hadn't turned yet, but they were just beginning. The hillsides had a maidenly flush of color, as if they were embarrassed about their slight kudzu problem.

We had driven one mile short of 2000 when we pulled into the MDS Crisfield Project Headquarters on Tuesday afternoon. Aaron says he felt a lot more confident by the end than he did in the very beginning. We had a much better feel for all the little things like how long it takes to come to a complete stop, and the undeniable fact that GPS devices assume you are going the speed limit and have extraordinarily large bladders when they tell you how long your route will take.

 I’ll tell you more about Crisfield next time, which should come more quickly now that I’ve achieved some connection with the outside world on my own computer. For now, we are happy, we are healthy, and we are meeting great people, and doing work that feels worth it. What more could you want in life?

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