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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Big Move - Part the First

It took a couple of months longer than I thought it would, but we have finally arrived in Oklahoma, our home base, which means the house is finished and sold and our container has been purchased, packed, shipped, unpacked, unloaded, placed, and repacked. Yes, it was about as complicated as it sounds.

There were a few unexpected bumps along the way, like Aaron hurting his back two weeks before M-Day, but our family and friends were absolutely amazing. My in-laws came up from Oklahoma and they helped us finish the re-model, pack, and maintain sanity. A cousin, his wife, and his extraordinarily well-behaved little family brought our container on a truck, helped load it, and then hauled it (and the van) to western OK for us. 

And not least, our Nevada friends came by day after day with hugs, words of encouragement, and open arms that I could fill with things we no longer needed/wanted/had room to pack. I watched our aloe plant walk out the door in the arms of good friend, and it was easier to let it go that way. (Our aloe plant was big enough to deserve its own particular mention. It was huge, and would've taken up most of the RV kitchen, but we loved it dearly, as it and the cactus were my only house plant successes in a long history of trial and death.)

On moving day, lots of people came by to help, and it was all relatively painless - physically, that is. It's always hard to say goodbye, but especially so when a person is right there helping you and being generally wonderful. Mrs. B even came by after everyone but Aaron and I had left, and helped me scrub the house. She washed my bathrooms. Yes, it's embarrassing; yes, it was wonderful.

There are many, many more people, but I will not mention everyone individually. Suffice it to say, they know who they are, they were fantastic, and we will all miss them very much. Thank you to everyone for the support, the meals, the childcare, the prayers, the place to sleep when our bed was gone...just everything. You all made this move possible, and we are eternally grateful for who you are and the blessing you have been in our lives.

We are now in Oklahoma, and will be here for a couple weeks - fulfilling some promises, searching for cell reception, and preparing for our new life out on the road. (More about that in Part 2).

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