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Monday, June 29, 2015

Holding On for One More Week

At the OKC zoo with "Blaze"
We have one more week here in western OK, then we're headed south (and east, I guess). We're enjoying the time here with family. The kids are keeping busy with farm life and kid life, spending time with their grandparents and their cousins. They've made tents, visited the zoo, played at the park and generally been kids in summer-time - carefree and crazy. If you care and want to see pictures of some of these events, they're on the other blog- you know, the one that mostly has pictures of my children and tales of their exploits, and is not updated nearly as often as it used to be.

Lunch with the Barn Crew
Aaron has been very busy as well. Now that the truck is finished (see previous post) he has more time to help his father. The Thiessen building crew (Aaron, his dad, and a sister) have been putting up a barn. We take them lunches and watch the miraculous progress on the barn day by day.

Aaron Proves He Can Handle Heights

Aaron has also been practicing his handy man skills on the RV, fixing the A/C leak, (it still doesn't actually cool anything, but it doesn't spray water anymore) and building a bookshelf and a new bed. Yea! More storage!!

A New Bed! Yea!

Now we've just got to finish packing and make sure the RV is ready for the cross-country trek. We have a window unit to rig to our trailer, then dismantle for the traveling. The kids and I have sorted through all the toys, books, and clothes, so that shouldn't take too much more work. We all have about one foot of hanging space and three drawers each for all our clothes. Let's just say it's a challenge.

Next time I post, we'll probably be in Florida. Internet access might be spotty, but I will do my best. We're excited to begin the work there, and I look forward to sharing more details after we've arrived.

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