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Monday, June 1, 2015

One More Month as Okies

For everyone who has been worried, yes, we're all fine out here in the weather-wilds of western Oklahoma. The rain has been incredible these last two months, with "flood" being the word of the season. We've watched the sky for severe threats more evenings than not, but so far it's just been lots of rain and some thunder and lightning thrown in for good measure.
Look! Water on the Farm!

After years and years of drought, this is actually a blessing, but it brings its own difficulties. Every town around here is dealing with sinkholes and flooding, but nothing too drastic. (Not like those poor folks in Texas.) Meanwhile, the kids are enjoying any moments of sunshine they can find. We all walk out on Grandparents' T's farm, and in town with Grandparents C when we can.

Working in the "Potion Shop"
Our RV is parked with Aaron's folks, so we're settling into farm life for the time being. Grandpa's pond is finally full, (He built it in the first year of the drought - an act of faith.) and Grandma's garden is growing well, although we haven't been able to weed it as we planned because it's just mud, mud, mud.

We visit my folks in Cordell each week as well, enjoying the luxuries of town life, like being able to walk to the grocery store and the library. (...when it isn't raining.) The kids raid Grandpa C's art supplies and paint maps and still lifes (still lives?) They build forts in the parlor and have tea parties when Aunt C is home for a visit at the same time. It's the simple pleasures in life that are the most profound.

We have one more month here before we point ourselves towards Florida. We're having a great time visiting with family, and also looking forward to the new adventures that lie ahead. Living in the moment is our current concern, but it's that kind of "in the moment" where you still spend a significant amount of time preparing for the future, as we all must I suppose.

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