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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Vimes and Nobby Restored and Explained

Vimes, the pickup, is almost ready to be back out on the road again. He can make the trips now, but without his right side mirror it probably wouldn't be legal, so we're waiting for the final detail before we call him healed. (My brother-in-law took all the but the last of these pictures. Ask a man if you want pictures of automobile work. Thanks C!)

Aaron has worked and worked on this truck, and since almost everything he did was a "first time" it has taken a while. He said, "It's a good thing you aren't relying on my being a body mechanic for our household income." I'm sure it would be a lot faster the second time, though.

The bottom body panel was pretty smashed up on the right side, so Aaron found a salvage yard with a good donor truck for the two passenger-side doors and the bottom half of the ridiculously named bottom body panel. He, with some help from his father and brother, got the new parts installed and pulled dents and deformities out of the remaining bits.

He decided to paint it black instead of matching the existing blue. The top and hood still looked nice, though, so those will remain the original color. Which means, of course, that our little pickup is now literally "black and blue". I think it's fitting. After all, the pickup is named after Commander Sir Samuel Vimes from the Discworld universe of the recently deceased Terry Pratchett.

Vimes is a man has been through some rough times, but is essentially a good, honest, hard-working cop, just trying to bring justice to the city and serve the law. He gets a little beat up sometimes, but he always comes back because there's a job to do, and he knows he's the man to do it.

The RV, on the other hand, is named Nobby. I won't go into the details of that character, but if you're familiar with the world of Vimes, you'll know that Nobby isn't as...well the minds of all and sundry. I'll just leave that there. Suffice is to say that he is still a good guy, still a member of the team, and always faithful, more or less, to the cause.


  1. WOW! That's all kind of impressive. Definitely wasn't something that would just buff out with some polish.

  2. No, it sure wasn't, but Aaron did a great job. It still looks like it's been through some battles, but I don't care. I'm just glad we didn't have to buy another truck! =)